Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Oh My English!! #1 Where do you from?

Mulai hari ini UA akan bagi simple conversation setiap hari untuk anda. Pelajaran pertama kita ialah; 

1. Where do you from?
• I come from England

2. Do you like Manchester United? 
• I don't like football

3. Why did you come here? 
• I came for vacation

4. What do you like the best about here? 
• The people are very kind

5. Do you like the food? 
• Yes, the food is great

6. Is the food too spicy for you? 
• No. I love spicy food. I can eat spicy food everyday

7. How much longer will you stay here? 
• I will stay two more days

7. Where do you work? 
• I work at the bank

Nantikan unit-unit berikutnya. 

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