Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Oh My English #2 How Was Your Vacation?

Pelajaran kita hari ini ialah 'How was your vacation?' 

1. How was your vacation? 
• It was very fun. 

2. Where did you go? 
• I went to the beach.

3. Who did you go with? 
• I went with my father, mother and older sister. 

4. Do you have a house at the beach? 
• No, we stayed at the hotel. 

5. Which hotel did you stay at? 
• It's called The Imperial.

6. Have you stayed there before? 
• Yes, we have been going there for years. 

7. It must be very nice.
• Yes. It is very nice and not too expensive.

8. Did you play in the water? 
•  Yes, I went swimming and I rode the banana boat. 

9. How about your older sister? 
• She does not like the water. She likes to sit on the beach and read a book. 

10. What do your mother and father like to do? 
•They like to eat in the restaurant.

11. How long was your vacation? 
• 3 or 4 days.

12. Will you go again next year? 
• Of course. 

*jumpa esok ye anak murid hehe. 

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