Thursday, October 9, 2014

Oh My English #3 What Time Is It?

What time is it? 
  • It's 5 minutes after 3 

What time is it? 
  • It's 15 minutes after 3. 
  •  It's a quarter after 3. 
  • It's three fifteen.

What time is it? 
  • It's three thirty
  • It's half past three. 

Simple conversation: 

Q:  I really like this place. 
A: Good. Would you like another drink? 

Q: Do we have time?
A: I don't know. 

Excuse me waiter. 
Yes, sir.

Q: What time do you close tonight? 
A: Tonight we close at 10 o'clock

Good. We have time. Let's have another drink. 

Excuse me waiter. 
Yes, sir. 

We would like more drink please. 

Wait for the next conversation. See you. 

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